Why does my Appvalley keep crashing?

Appvalley has a few issues with its newer versions wherein they keep crashing abruptly. However, Appvalley has updated its app a couple of times and has fixed all its problems that cause crashing. Follow the below steps to start fixing your app to the highest extent.

Step #1. Open the website (Appvalley) and then you will see the anti – revoking application on the first page. If you don’t find it there, tap on the search icon and search for Appvalley and then tap on (Get), to install Appvalley.

Step #2. Once you have Appvalley installed, Go ahead and verify the app. To verify the app you need to go to Settings >>General >> Device Management and find Appvalley’s profile. Hit trust, and then you are good to go.

Step #3. Open Appvalley and then you will see a pop-up. Tap on allow and enter your iPhones password. Thus, you are done. If you open Appvalley, you will see a green colored background and this means your phone is protected from revoking.


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